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Edit in place right in the web page in a wysiwyg editor

Minimal administration
Work directly on your web pages

Powerful page structure
Easy to work and navigate with even on large sites

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Welcome to WebMan

This is the official WebMan site. It´s not Typo3. It´s not Mambo or WordPress. It is not Drupal, Joomla, Nuke or even Lemoon or EpiServer. It´s not a blog, forum or a wiki. It´s WebMan - a fast and easy, yet extreamly powerful Web Content Management System.

What you want is what you get

WebMan is small and fast, not cluttered with functions you´ll never use. It is modularized and easy to extend or adapt. It contains exactly what you need.

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WebMan is produced by Rosiro and has been developed since 2002 under different names, shapes and sizes.

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